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Intermittent Blank Screen PC to Denon X2400h


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Hi all, running my pc's Nvidia card by HDMI thru the game port on my Denon avrx2400h, everything runs fine until either the fridge/freezer or my vivarium thermostats click in/out when i get a blank screen for no more than a couple of seconds, Funny thing is if i bypass the Denon and run the pc straight to the Samsung TV this doesn't happen.


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How long are the various HDMI cables used to connect the PC, amp and TV?

Everytime I've had similar issues swapping round or replacing the cables has worked.


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I'd suggest the issue to be one with your home electrical wiring.

The fridge/freezer is more than likely drawer more power when its own compressor fires up. This in turn causes a voltage fluctuation relative to the supply associated with other devices in your home connected to the same electricity supply. Such a dip would effect the AV receiver's abilities and performance.

I'm hazzaeding that you are in the USA or outsode of the UK? You'd be less likely to experience this within the UK because the kitchen plug points and outlets would be on a different circuit than the other rooms throughout a home.

What you basically need to do is ensure that your hifi and or audio visual equipment aren't on the same cicuit as the devices you suggest cause the issues you are having. You may need to contact an electrician to isolate the outlet you use for your AV equipment from the circuit or circuits used for kitchen or other problematic devices.

Having other devices on the same circuit could also mean that RF signals generated by those devices are being conveyed to your AV receiver via the mains supply? You could try filtering this out using a filter or line conditioner between the mains outlet to the AV receiver?
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i'm in the UK, I am not an electrician so you may be right, but it doesn't affect anything else, blu-ray, set top box, TV etc plugged into the AVR just the HDMI from the nvidia card.
I have tried a few HDMI leads of various lengths to no avail, currently using a .5 metre, direct thru amp & I tried a 1 metre when plugged direct to TV, (the .5 wouldn't reach)
As I said in above post direct to tv doesn't suffer the problem, and yes i have tried the 1 metre from nvid to amp

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