intermittant wirless problem


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I have a belkin 54g wireless adsl modem router.

I have been conecting to the net wirelessly with it for the last few months, until this week when every night it has said limited or no connectivity.

I checked all the settings and they all seemed ok including the network key.

I decided to wire it back up and connect to one of the ports on the back of the modem and had just placed the other end into the pc and the wirless fired up at the same time it detected the LAN, it has done this everytime theirs been a problem. It seems as though it is assigning an ip address to the wired lan and realises theirs a wireless coneection

I have been told that it seems as though the router is not setting an ip address automatically although the settings indicate it is.

Any ideas? because at the minute its more wired than wireless


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some routers have an option called access control, this prevents unauthorised mac addresses from connecting to the network this is for extra security on top of the WEP/WPA key this could be causing the problems if so select the mac address of the network card or switch the feature off

hope this helps



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Thanks for the reply.

The router has all the mac address's logged, should i try switchigng this off altogether?

another strange thing happend today - Its been on since 7.00am and worked fine all day until 6.30pm when it would only connect to sites in favorites, not old links as the pages were up to date. It then refused to connect to anything for the best part of 3 hours.

Much more of this and its going to meet my hammer

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