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May 25, 2010
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I have a new VPLHW40ES, 26 hours on the lamp timer, used in low power 2D mode only. I have only owned this about 6 weeks and not watched many films in their entirety yet (I must admit I have been switching the PJ on and off for short duration over the last few weeks but this has been due to testing out different screens etc. I always let the PJ cool down and I do not switch it on and off repeatedly during a single day). This is a UK sourced brand new PJ from Sevenoaks sound and vision and not a grey import.

On with the problem. When I have had time to watch a movie, I have noticed on a couple of occassions (seems to be when watching DVD only thus far) the screen goes black for a few secs and then normal playback is resumed. Audio is not affected. This intermittant on/off of the image can occur for between 1 and 8 seconds on average, and seems to be very random, and I can see no cause for the issue. When I look at the lens at an angle when this problem occurs, it is as if the PJ is actually switching on and off, although the fans are not interrupted so this is not a power issue as far as I can tell. Seems odd that this has only ever occurred whilst watching DVD discs.

Physical setup is this -- sony BDP S7200 HDMI ---> Denon AVR X2200w ---> Sony PJ.

Can anyone help please? :(:(

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I had this with my pc Yamaha Epson setup. turned out to be a bad hdmi plug. also the strength of the hdmi signal can sometimes cause issues.
Could be a HDMI handshake issue.
What is the HDMI handshake issue please?
What is the HDMI handshake issue please?
I think as far as I can interpret, handshake between blu Ray player hdmi to receiver, then the hdmi from the receiver to the projector, something could be interrupting the signal between the 3 components, hence the term handshake.
THanks Nayfne, but surely if the problem were a cable related one, the fault symptoms would be present when viewing ANY media (blu-ray/netflix/iplayer etc etc). So far this problem has only occurred when viewing DVD region 2 discs, but I have not had a chance to do any in-depth diagnostics on the frequency of the problem. Could it be something to with the video output settings on either the sony BD or the AVR?
Could be an easy solution but could also be difficult to could try region 1 DVD see if it's the same? Try the receiver and or blu Ray player on auto resolution or manually try each resolution and see if it persists? Anything is worth a try mate.
I know if I had a Sony 40es the only signal I would be putting through it is full fat HD Thumbsup
What length is your HDMI cable ?, when the signal drops out do you get the 'hdmi' text in the top left corner before picture comes back ?.
Hi again mate, I have a 10 metre high speed activewire HDMI. I also have a spare 10m hi speed cable and 2 x cat6 for future use with baluns if required. Cable length is due to the distance between my equipment rack and the ceiling mounted PJ. All cables are in ceiling void above my dedicated room.

I get no 'hdmi' input message appearing on screen, and yes I know the any HDMI cable over 8metres cannot be guaranteed as reliable etc, but I do not think this is a cable issue. So far this has only ever occurred during DVD playback, so I wonder if it is setting on the AVR or BD player with regards to signal output? The disc I was spinning today was an old dvd version of return of the jedi, and the PJ image going off and on started around the Rancor pit scene. Is it possible the an old scratched DVD could cause these problems???
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This could be a frame or resolution change, my pj does it then. Try setting the AVR to put out a constant res and rate rather than auto.
I also have a samsung TV on hdmi2 that sends a handshake to the AVR when on standby and causes the picture to drop, even with hdmi-c switched off. I got round it by switching the TV off at the socket.

If you have a TV on second input to AVR, power down completely, see if it helps. Could be any other connected kit really.
Only kit connected to the AVR is the Sony BD player. But will go thru the output settings tomorrow on both the AVR and the BD player. I am sure it is nothing serious. One more question, is there a way to change the PJ to 1080p/60fps, or is this a setting in the BD player or AVR?
Only kit connected to the AVR is the Sony BD player. But will go thru the output settings tomorrow on both the AVR and the BD player. I am sure it is nothing serious. One more question, is there a way to change the PJ to 1080p/60fps, or is this a setting in the BD player or AVR?
Likely in the AVR video out settings.
Mine does the same when switching inputs on the receiver and occasionally randomly out of the blue it is an HMDI issue. I was experiencing the same with another projector as well so its either the receiver or a cable. I've just learned to ignore it. The only true test to eliminate the cause is to directly connect the BD player and watch a movie, if it still does it, its the cable if it doesn't its the receiver.
There might be an option on the receiver to sync "AV" which might help.
Power everything Off at the wall, connect the DVD direct to the Projector via HDMI - repower, test and Report back.

An Active cable may solve one issue (assuming you were having a problem with the long Passive cable) but can just as easily introduce its own range of potential problems.

Ensure you have Deep Color disabled in the Source (if it offers that option).

Thanks for the tips chaps. I will report back in due course. :thumbsup:

Need to do the isolation test first otherwise its just guess work.
Right then, just spent an hour or so tweeking the system. I cannot believe how advanced all this modern AV kit is. I am out of my league with all the video config settings, but here is what I have done.

Firstly here are some of the settings on the Sony BD Player:

I am not sure whether to leave the o/p settings to 'auto' or 'original resolution'.
Next, I played around with the Denon AVR...

I changed the video o/p from 'AUTO/DUAL' -


Again, I have no idea what I am doing but by making a note of config changes at least if the fault clears I will know that at least one of the setting changes has resolved the problem :rotfl::D
Finally a little play around with the projecor settings....

Anyone know what 'HDMI' dynamic range should be set too?

I switched off HDMI control

The projector is a bit strange. I found that when I was messing about with settings, the picture setting changed from 'reference' to 'user' but I cannot explain this and I am not too concerned. I am hopeless at all this stuff.

On a postive note, after changing these settings I watched the rest of ROTJ and did not suffer any drop outs but long term video testing is needed (not a problem as I have lots of blu rays to watch !)
Again you are just stabbing in the dark. You need to do the isolation test to establish what to do next.

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