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Interleaving On or Off ?


Does Interleaving being enabled on your line increase Ping times or Decrease them ? The lower the ping the better when it comes to Online gaming ?


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it increases, interleaving plus gaming = bad
but it could be your line is so poor you might actually need it so openreach don't have to spend money putting a decent line in :D


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latency is bad for gaming, so yeah ping time. Interleaving is used to stabilise bad connections. I had a mare of time with my ADSL2 recently turned out to be a bad router of all things.


I phoned them and my line is stable so interleaving has been turned off. Not sure if it has made a difference though.


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Interleaving being bad for gaming is one of those "urban myths" that has been around as long as there as been DSL. It's purpose is to build in a slight delay (approx. 8-16ms) into your connection to protect it against packet loss in transit. When you choose to "opt out" of interleaving the only means the exchange's dynamic line management (DLM) has at its disposal is tweaking the signal to noise ratio (padding put on the line to protect against noise/interference). Increasing the SNR results in poorer download speeds i.e. every 3dB increase in SNR margin = 800kbps-1Mbps reduction in speed.

On a fibre broadband connection interleaving is enabled by default and has negligible effects on the speed or ping/latency. Ultimately interleaving is beneficial with poorer connections/greater distance from the exchange as the further away you are the greater the effect an opt out will have on your connection.

The main thing is to do some basic diagnostics so you can rule out your own equipment and in most cases fix the cause of the issue yourself before contacting your ISP for help and being told to do exactly the same thing ;)


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Nah! Openreach would never be this technical :D

technical? putting a "nice spin" on the truth is what you both seem to have a talent for.
The fact is you describe the actual delay caused by interleaving yet say it doesn't affect gaming,
I can only imagine your excuse for this oversight is your idea of gaming is online chess.
OR "accidentally" enabled interleaving on my line after being with them for two years?? it drove my ping on our french server up from an average of 50 to 80.
that's 30ms or approx 18% on top of the national average reaction time of approx 180ms, in FPS that's very bad indeed.


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Sorry if I've annoyed you it was not intended. I know from experience that interleaving and gamers are a touchy subject! I was not putting any spin on the truth as you see it.

Interleaving is rarely applied by accident it gets applied by the exchange automatically (unless you "opt out") when it detects changes in your line, the fact that you have been with your current ISP for 2 years is an indicator that things can and do change. The connections from your house to the exchange are crimped together and can over time break, work loose, corrode due to moisture getting in at every point along the way. In addition to this there are occasions where BT have had to swap pairs of cables due to a fault condition or that the pair has failed a quality test. Every time this happens your physical line characteristics change and the exchange has to reprofile your line to get the best stable speed it can. Know anyone who complains that they used to get 1/2 Meg less speed after BT fixed a fault, this can be one of the reasons why.

Unfortunately the systems in the exchange are not bulletproof and can make some bad decisions which may need your ISP's help to override. If you want to know how BT exchanges manage their lines take a look at ::. Kitz - How DSLMax works .:: for more information especially the last section on DLM. If you're with an LLU provider the line profiles are usually manually set to standard values e.g.default 6dB snr, interleaving on etc.

The fact that your ping times have gone up through interleaving could be hiding a potential line problem, have you run a traceroute to your server to see where the delays are, they could be occurring on the hops outside of your ISP's network. Also have you checked for packet loss on the connection, if you enable your router for ping and go to thinkbroadband :: Broadband Quality Monitor you can set up a connection monitor that will show you the ping times latency and packet loss on your connection. You can use this as evidence that there is a problem with your line to your ISP.

Interleaving will have an effect on your connection and its impact on gaming can vary depending on the types of games you like to play. I work with a number of gamers who do have some interleaving but they also know why they have it. I never said it had no effect but if you have it just call your ISP and tell them to turn it off!


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not sure where you are going here,
There is a distance of about 500 yards from my house to the village exchange and i can walk along and visually inspect every inch of the overhead lines. the exchange has no llu options yet one day my ping noticeably increased. checking all the details the connection suddenly had interleaving turned on and BT were unable to explain why.
A simple phone call to have it turned off is not so easy, after ten support reps who could barely speak english i was literally pulling my hair out.
My main objection was your line
"Interleaving being bad for gaming is one of those "urban myths""
that is patently untrue in any real time game especially competing against those damm dutch and their fibre optic up to the kazoo :D

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