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Interlaced to Progressive


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For the last week or so I have been stumbling around trying to find the best way to deal with interlaced video and preparing it for uploading to the web in the progressive format which the web needs.

The bulk of what I will be using the video camera for will be uploaded to the internet and what I have found are the results vary from one editor to another at how well they deinterlace the footage.

I wouldn't mind having just one editor that deinterlaces well and is a decent editor but that may be too much to ask for one program, as I seem to have found.

I have tried YADIF with Virtual dub: To be honest I wasn't that impressed with the output file from YADIF. The process is also annoying.. maybe I am doing something wrong though.

Sony Vegas 9: Works quite well drag and drop of AVCHD files and achieves decent results and I like the editing interface it has. It is a bit slow though dealing with AVCHD files and tends to bog my computer down.

Canopus Edius 5.5: Supports AVCHD natively and so runs faster than Vegas. The results are very good. However.. there seems to be no deterlacing option for mpeg4 files!

Probably the most pleasing method I have tried so far is using Canopus Edius 5.5 to edit the footage and when done export to Canopus HQ Fine. Then use TMPG 4 Express to convert the edited material to either WMV (which automatically converts to progressive I have found, and does a good job of it) or MP4 which also I force to progressive, which also does a good job.

I would love to know how you all deal with it and what your work flow is, I really have been scratching my head with trial and error style method.


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I convert my AVCHD 1080i footage to Canopus HQ, and edit in Edius Neo. I export from Neo as Canopus lossless, so as to have the best quality file for importing into Virtualdub. (I'd like to be able to frameserve into Vdub, like I used to with Premiere 6.5, but I can't find a frameserver to work with Edius!).

So I have these large (but temporary) files which I import into Virtualdub. I use the YADIF algorithm to deinterlace -and, unlike you, have been pleased with the results - but only if I double the frame rate (top field first).
For some reason that gives significantly better results than other options - at least it has for me!

I also take the chance to resize to 1280 x720 (my Panasonic HD ready TV sems to prefer 1280p footage) - and also add Donald Graft's 'xsharpen' filter to help compensate for the bit of 'softness' that the final x264 coding seems to add.
Then export from Vdub using the x264 vfw codec.

That combination works best for me, but I have to accept it's probably a bit too fiddly for most folk!!

But you did ask!!:)

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