Interferences with the antenna? (Nokia Mediamaster)



Hi there,

I've got a refurbishd unit from Dixons (Nokia Mediamaster, 80 pounds).

I live in a really strong signal area, but I have problems when I conect the Nokia box to the aerial cable.

What I mean, is that sometimes the box works better withouth the aerial cable. The signal is so strong, that I can view the digital channels using just a 6 feet cable and hold it with my hand. That's how I know that the signal is quite strong.

But, when I plug the box to the proper aerial cable, and I check for the signal strength in the menu, it comes as poor. Sometimes it doesn't even get some of the channels.

And, I know that the antena works fine, because it improves the image when I use just the TV by itself.

Do you know what could be causing that?
Could it be the proximity of an electricity cable to the coaxial cable?

Chris Muriel

Distinguished Member
A nearby analogue channel or the multiplex itself could be overloading & desensitising the tuner if it's so strong that you get results with no antenna .
Buy or borrow an in-line attenuator or 2 & see if this cures the problem.
You could do with the loan of a couple from a local friendly aerial rigger - perhaps on a promise of purchasing them if they cure the problem.

Chris Muriel, Manchester.


Thanks Chris, I'm not sure what you mean, but I guess they will ;)



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