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Any ideas to help me on this please. it's bearable but slightly annoying.

I have two comps using the same monitor via a KVM switch. One comp is purely for Internet etc and the monitor is fine with this but the comp that I use specifically for HD content, annoyingly has interference on the monitor in the form of ghost lines moving from left to right diagonally. They are very faint but still noticeable. I have tried swapping the cables round on the comps but its still there on the same comp. Even when I swap the VGA cable over and plug the projector VGA cable directly into the comp, therefore bypassing the KVM switch, the faint lines are also visible on the projector. I do have a "LOT" of cables behind the comps. Is it purely down to interference and if so, is there a way around it? The VGA cables aren't long enough to divert around the other cables and so have to nestle on top of the others. The Projector VGA cable is a 5m one so I guess I could have this going across the room when being used.

Interestingly, the DVI output from my graphics card into my LCD screen is fine, it's purely a PC cable output problem.
Any advice?
Many thanks


Chris Muriel

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Depending on the actual cause, frequency and source of the interference, it may be worth experimenting with ferrite rings ; you can get snap together ones to make this easier.
If a few turns of a cable is wound around one of these, it acts as an RF choke.

Chris Muriel, Manchester
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