Interference - Power Leads & Speaker Cables


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Hi All,

We moved house this week & I finally get the chance to put my PW7 on the wall.

Does anyone have any experience of angle griding and then burying the relevant leads.

A guy in B&Q today told me to create seperate channels for the power and speaker leads otherwise there would be intereference on the sound.

I need to channel the PW7 power lead, a Silver Anniversary speaker cable to my KEF Egg centre speaker, a component lead and a VGA cable.

Was planning to put them in the same channel and really don't want to go to the hassle of digging out 2.

Do I need seperate channels or will I get away with one?

Any advice appreciated...


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Have a search on this forum as there has been lots around - i'm going to be using an sds drill to do mine and fit a plug socket behind the plasma using a separate channel to the normal cables
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