Interference on sound and vision

Discussion in 'Computer Components' started by Pootle, Oct 23, 2005.

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    NE1 got a clue why my system does this:

    I rebuilt my system (and re-installed Windows (Arrrgh!)) a few weeks ago:
    Asus A8V mobo, Athlon 64 3000 CPU, M-audio revo sound card, New DigiTV tuner (PCI) - thunderstorm took out my old one :eek: and ATI radeon 9700 with zalman passive cooler. All has been fine until a few days ago, if I reboot the PC I get serious scratchy noises on sound whenever the screen is busy (like scrolling up and down a web page), not only sound, but this blows out the TV tuner signal too, and I get bad picture break up (normally perfect). Sound gets screwed with Winamp and foobar, and with KS Dirtectsound or ASIO output - if anything ASIO is worse affected. Even waving the mouse over the top of winamp makes a bit of noise.

    If I system restore to a couple of weeks ago, all works well after the first reboot, if I close down and reboot again all my problems comes back.

    I've checked IRQs for most things and nothing is clashing.

    Oh yes ATI drivers version 6.14.10 (November last year) - anything newer gives my the dreaded black screen problem when a turn the big screeen off and on.

    Single SATA disc installed in Antec Sonata case.

    Win XP SP with nearly up to date pacthes (last set bring on the problem after reboot...)

    Case runs at 25C and CPU at < 40C (mmmm Scythe ninja cooler as part of the rebuild).

    Looks like it could be a bus problem for graphics to interact with sound card AND the tuner card :confused:

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