Interference on my Kef Sub



Using 7 Kef Eggs and a Sub package, from a Denon amp, I've had two problems with unwanted noise from day 1 (only on the sub) - the hum I had was fixed with an earth cable from the amp earth point to a screwpoint on the sub back plate (thanks to Kef tech support), but I'm still getting other interference.

This comes and goes through the day and night. The best description is it sounds like radio (mostly talking, bit of music). If I touch any of the positive speaker terminals on the sub (not in use as using a mono sub line-in) the interference increases dramatically. The negative terminals have no effect. If thesubisdisconnectedfrom everything else,theproblem remains the same. The power is all shielded, and amp and sub have been tried in the same mains outlet.

Any ideas out there please - this is driving me mad?



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If you're hearing voices you're not going mad but picking up radio frequency interference, try some clip on ferrite cores around the cables. Though it's likely to be an illegal radio transmitter or just bad luck. The speaker terminals on the sub are connected to the amp in the sub just like the line in phono one is. When you touch the red terminal the sub is amplifing the electrical signals from your body and that's why you get interferance when you do it.

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