Interference on monitor when first starting up...


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My Samsung SM226BW - an otherwise excellent piece of kit - has, since day one, shown green horizontal flashes across the screen until the true (Nvidia) driver kicks in. They can be sparse or almost covering the screen or even not there at all, I can't predict.

They are OS independent - 3 flavours of Linux and 2 of Windows have all followed them (and the proprietary Nvidia drivers are better than the OSS Linux ones which can still show occasional streaks). I have tried keeping the power and video cables as far apart as possible, in case it was induced interference or something, but that didn't help.

My video card is NV7900GT PCI Express so I can't swop it out to test it.

Has anyone else, 226- or P9657AA- or 7900GT-owners, seen this? If so, any cures?

Thanks in advance,


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