Interference in my pioneer 427XD. HELP!


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I am from Denmark and new here, but I hope you can help my.

I have read a little about interference from a number of things - central/water heating electrics, street lighting controllers, badly supressed local appliances (vacuum cleaners, lawnmowers etc.), local RF interference (taxis, ham radio, CB etc.).

I have 93% in signal strenght and 100% in signal quality. But sometimes the signal quality falls and then there is noise on the screen. It happens when the dish washer changes program as an example. So it sounds like it is those interferences I have read about in here.

But what can I do about it?:confused: Please help me....:lease:
I have an active aerial mounted outside my window connected to my Pioneer 427XD.


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I have an active aerial mounted outside my window connected to my Pioneer 427XD.

What do you mean exactly by an active aerial? Is this a small indoor type aerial with booster or an external aerial with mast head amp?

Is the aerial actually just outside your window or on a roof top? Aerials normally need to be as high as poss to avoid local interference, this aids signal strength & to reduce noise/interference at the same time. Otherwise signal could be restricted & quality reduced due to picking up interference either locally or from signal path obstructions. Using to high a gain aerial to close to other home appliances will also do you no favours of which could be your dilemma.


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It is an aerial with a booster I guess. In denmark it is called an active aerial.
So the only solution is to move my aerial on top of the roof?
Is there no other solutions? I am placed in a building on the 3. floor which is the second highest.


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Problem is, your aerial is designed to pick up signals and it's doing exactly that. Unfortunately, your dish washer is sending out BIG signals - probably through the 230v wiring. The only remedy is to improve the suppression on the dishwasher (probably impossible) or to move the dishwasher and aerial further apart.

But, since the interference is in the 230v wiring, it's best to move the aerial away from that.

(Nice English, by the way!)


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Thank you for the answer.

So the only solution is to climb on top of the building and mount the aerial there?
I hoped there would be an easier way.
Isn't there any other aerials that would not have the same problem?


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You may be lucky and get away with a lower gain (or less boost) aerial. Probably a lower gain aerial is the solution.


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I would guess that your problem is - your aerial is too close to the dishwasher - or the dishwasher is in between the aerial and your transmitter - or something similar. If your dishwasher is "transmitting" interference, then a different aerial is unlikely to help. As Sam has said, either fix the dishwasher, move the aerial further away (higher is nearly always better), or both.

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