Interference from VCR to DVD recorder.

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    A question for the technical people out there.

    I recently bought a Sony HX900 primarily to archive the huge number of VHS recordings I have.

    The problem I have is that on 75% of tapes that I playback to record onto the hard drive I get a flickering white line across the bottom of the screen, which is then made worse when the recording is dubbed to a disc.

    It almost looks like the tracking is very slightly off. However on playback from the VCR direct to the TV I dont get it. Also I have tried 2 different VCRs, 3 different scart cables and even rf into the DVD recorder and they all give this line. Even with the VCR well away from my amp/all mains cables etc. Its almost like the DVD recorder cant quite cope with a video signal in (sky into the scart socket of the recorder is fine).

    I have (after a battle) arranged to send the recorder back and get a replacement n case it is faulty. But if anyone can explain what else may be causing this and give me a simpler solution it would be much appreciated. :confused:
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    Dont know if I can help you solve your problem, but I had a similar problem to you with my camcorder.
    It played fine when directly connected to the TV, and also when passed through the video, but as soon as I connected it to the DVD recorder, I had blue lines across the top the picture.
    In the end, after trying everything I could think of, I sent the recorder back for inspection, but it came back with "No fault found". I have since found out that it is a noisy feed from the camcorder, which only the DVD recorder picks up. Panasonic explained somewhat vaguely, that they thought it was due to the capture resolution of the DVD being greater than the resolution from the camera, but I am not convinced.

    I have also copied lots of vhs to dvd, which have been fine...however I have a 15" LCD TV/DVD combi, and if I play my copied vhs dvd's in this, I get a white line at the bottom of the screen, although this does not show up on any of the CRT tv's I have. I think you will probably find, that this is not a fault of the DVD recorder, and as you say that 75% of your tapes do this, and presumably the other 25% do not...and you have tried three different vcr's......then it must be the tapes. I know it's bloody annoying, and makes the whole experience a waste of time and money, but sometimes this analogue/digital thing, does not work.


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