Interference from one Scart to another?


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Hi everyone. :)

I've got a bit of a weird problem with the Scarts on my 28 inch Widescreen JVC CRT TV. The TV is about a year old and I've been mostly very pleased with it - excellent picture for the money.

The problem I have is with my Scart cables. I've been using Philex cables and at first found they delivered excellent pic and sound quality. Lately, however I've started to notice some interference on Sky and on my DVD Recorder. At first I thought I was just being picky but it seems to have gotten slightly worse over the last couple of weeks.

I've been tidying the cables and ensuring they don't cross or touch on power cables. I also have a Belkin surge protector with power filters.

Anyway, last night I fired up my XBox and saw some pretty distinctive interference. The Xbox is on a Venom 6 in 1 Scart, along with my PS2 - again, it delivers excellent pic and sound.

So I played around with the cabling, made sure everything was plugged in properly and as a last resort I tried unplugging the Philex the DVD Recorder was plugged into the TV via. Instantly the interference disappeared!

So there are two possibilities - either the DVD Recorder is somehow generating the interference or the Philex Scart is somehow. Any ideas on how or why this may be? I also tried unplugging the Venom Scart to see if it eliminated the interference on the DVD Recorder side... it didn't - so it seems to be here where the problem is.

Could the shielding on the Philex cable be the culprit?

Any suggestions for a good quality replacement? I'm willing to spend up to £30 for a good Scart that can give me brilliant pic and sound - minus interference with other equipment! :)


- Gord

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