Interference between VCR and TV


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My standard definition TV is connected to a combi VRC-DVD player (Panasonic NV-VP30EB).
The RF signal from the antenna goes directly to the VRC, which is then connected to the TV via the another RF cable plus SCART.

The signal quality from the TV (whether the the VCR is on or off) is very poor with this type of connection. However if i by-pass the VCR and i connect the TV directly ot the antenna socket then quality is perfect. Also if I watch TV through the VCR receiver quality is good.

Especially BBC1 and BBC2 are very bad in quality signal.

VHS/DVD play fine.

I followed the VCR instructions re reducing interference / changing RF-channel but nothing changed.
I tried both SCART ports on the TV without success.

Anybody's got some other idea of what could be the problem?



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Thanks guys!
can i find good quality accessories (cables, 2 way taps, etc.) in high streets sops like Currys, Dixons... or is better i go to a specialized AV shop, i only know the ones in Tottenham Court Rd in London.


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Done and dusted. Went to Maplin and got a new cable and the splitter and now is working perfectly.
Thanks agan,

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