Interference between cables?


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I'm planning a home plasma installation and (in the short term at least) intend to run the power and signal cables to the panel within an external plastic conduit rather than using channels in the wall.

Is there any danger of crossover / interference between good quality cables (VGA, S-Video+Phono, Component, Power)? I would have thought that signal cables would be pretty imune from each other, but what about a power cable laying alongside them? Should I route that separately at least?

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I routed mine seperately as I read somewhere that power could interfere with signal, especially if close togther and running parallel with each other.



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If its only over a short distance and there is nothing too 'noisy' on the end of the power cables you will probably be fine having the signal and power running close to each other - though as per Robs post its always best to keep them apart where possible.

I'm also pretty sure that an electrical engineer would advise that where you do have to run the cables close to each other you should be using two compartment trunking to keep the high and low voltage signals apart.

You dont want to send high voltages down a low voltage cable if you ever managed to snag a couple of cables within the trunking!!!

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