Oh wow yeah
and by the way Walter, did you know the Plus Piano is being released in the U.K. at the beginning of Sept !!!
Very interesting if you can read french :confused:
Thanx for that Meva but I`ve heard it all before from the horses mouth too...........
Any way I`m more than delighted with my Panny now it`s a stunning picture advice is go get one ,...NOW
Glad you like your Panny, I just thought a Sept release date might amuse you. I'm not going to buy a Piano ( unless they are £1500 or something like that ) .I'm making do with my Philips and waiting for the next generation.
Ok Meva.....
it worked you certainly put a smile on my face over the Piano, I have actually been in touch, by telephone with the guy who reckons it`s all up to him, re`, when, how and where he sells the Piano, I personally think hes full of bull, it`s a shame tho coz I was quite interested in the Piano, they would possibly have sold many units over here.

I was sceptical about the panny with all it`s problems and people going on about useing it with HTPC, and line doublers to improve the picture, I really thought it was`nt going to be as good as it is, as soon as I demo`d it I was amazed..... it`s brilliant, I`ve been trying to find faults with it but fortunately I can`t tell you anything that I find even remotely bad with it. I guess thats why there are so many owners on here.

Oh and even my friend who owns a barco, and warned me not to get an lcd projector, is wishing he had mine now.

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