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Interesting Toshiba Gigabeat F20 review

Discussion in 'Headphones, Earphones & Portable Music' started by Steven, Jul 9, 2005.

  1. Steven

    Senior Moderator

    Feb 1, 2005
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    courtesy of www.dapreview.net:


    basically 6/10, I'll cut to the chase, here's their summing up:


    - Largest display in its class
    - Attractive looks
    - Plenty of storage sizes and colors to choose from


    - Poor navigation
    - Poor music organization
    - Prone to lock-ups
    - Bad battery life
    - No slideshow featuring music option

    They don't seem to have liked the manual....some pages have more notes than instructions

    This seems damning: the software pulled picture files from all over my PC--even though I thought it was only pulling data from the ‘My Pictures’ folder. The flood of images included sample JPEGs provided with imaging software and cover art.

    When I tried to sync, Gigabeat threw up a too-much-information flag and promptly froze. I had to let the battery run out and then recharge it to fix the situation.

    When I regrouped and dragged and dropped selected images to the device, I couldn’t find a way to add music to a slideshow which to me defeats the purpose of having music and photos on the same device

    On the controls: The PlusTouch control was difficult to use, sometimes shooting me through lists too quickly and then requiring me to tap with my fingernail one menu option at a time to get where I wanted to go. Overall it’s unintuitive to operate

    On the batt life: Toshiba claims a battery life of 16 hours. My Gigabeat conked out about 2 hours short of LA on a 12-or-so hour trip from Seoul. And that’s without using the LCD for viewing photos

    Final comment: Toshiba should go back to the lab and use the same kind of approach it has used with making quality DVD players that are simple to use

    Seems contradictory to other favourable reviews?
  2. GizmoPower


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    Curious, I use the slide show with music quite frequently!!

    Even my wife can navigate to what music she wants, its ordered by album, artist, genre, playlist or folder. What else is there?

    Not had a lock up myself, and cannot comment on battery life with a full charge, but I would never expect to acheive quoted durations.

    Granted, the manual is poor. Its more like a set of guidance notes. With several important details missing.

    One annoying thing is when you update an album cover to a higher res version, the auto-sync doesn't notice it.

    My biggest greivance is the fact that on most EQ settings other than flat or SRS2 there is distortion and Gigabeat room is ssslllloooowwwwwwww with 1000's of tracks.

    Time for a software and firmware update, but other than that, I love it.

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