Interesting story about missed film roles!


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One of those usually pointless MSN slideshows but this one is quite good.

Sean Connery: Gandalf - Missing out: The roles they should have taken


  • Sean Connery - Gandalf, LOTR- Didn't understand the script.

  • Gwyneth Paltrow - Rose, Titanic - Had just worked with Di Caprio.

  • Tom Selleck - Indiana Jones - Had already signed contract for Magnum PI.

  • Anne Hathaway - Alison, Knocked Up - Didn't like that real footage of a birth was to be used.

  • Brad Pitt - Jason Bourne - Pulled out to take the part in Spy Game.

  • Daryl Hannah - Vivian, Pretty Woman - Felt the role was "degrading for the whole of womankind".

  • Russell Crow - Wolverine, X-Men - Wanted too much money.

  • Matt Damon - Jake, Avatar - Scheduling conflict. Damon later joked that him not participating "cost the film a lot".

  • Jake Gyllenhall - Jake, Avatar - Chose Prince of Persia instead... :facepalm:

  • Leonardo Di Caprio - Patrick Bateman, American Psycho - Worried about his fan base.

  • Julia Roberts - Viola, Shakespeare in Love - Wanted Daniel Day-Lewis to play the male lead but he refused.

  • Gene Hackman - Hannibal, Silence of the Lambs - Backed out, as did Jeremy Irons and Sean Connery (how weird would that be?)

  • John Travolta - Forrest Gump - Turned it down, not sure why.

  • Lindsey Lohan - Jade, The Hangover - Felt the film had no potential! :laugh:

  • Will Smith - Neo, The Matrix - Said he "Just didn't see it". Later said he would have messed it up.

  • Kelly Lynch - Catherine, Basic Instinct - Thought it was not a balanced portrayal of bisexual women.

  • Cary Grant - James Bond - Felt he was too old for the role (58).

  • Al Pacino - Han Solo - Turned it down.

  • Dustin Hoffman - Michael, The Godfather - Also turned down by Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty!

  • Nicole Kidman - Hannah, The Reader - Fell pregnant.

  • Bruce Willis - Sam, Ghost - Felt that playing a ghost would be detrimental to his career...

  • Miranda Richardson - Alex, Fatal Attraction - Turned it down.

  • Nicholas Cage - The Wrestler - Didn't think he had time to bulk up, (thank God).

  • Sylvestre Stallone & Mickey Rourke - Axel, Beverly Hills Cop - Seemingly was supposed to be a tougher action but rewritten as a comedy when Murphy came on board.

  • Ralph Maccio - Marty, Back to the Future - Working on the Karate Kid.

  • Julia Robert - Leigh Anne, The Blind Side - Not sure why.
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Some of that is quite interesting. Reading through the list, you really can't imagine other actors playing the parts compared to who actually did. A lot of those films just wouldn't seem right.

[*]Bruce Willis - Sam, Ghost - Felt that playing a ghost would be detrimental to his career...
But he didn't mind it later on :D


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Cage....I just can't stand him for some reason. Not as a person because I obviously don't know him and he seems to keep himself out of mischief......but that bloody accent. I could just shove a sock in his mouth every time he speaks :D

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Anybody other than Matt Damon as Jason Bourne just seems all kinds of wrong - especially Brad Pitt.


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Cage....I just can't stand him for some reason
I burst out laughing during Kick Ass. I just cannot take him seriously

(For those who have seen the film you should know what I am talking about. And I am not talking about the bit shown in the trailer)


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I'm glad that none of those actors went for the parts offered to them. I think the films ended up better for it.

lol at Connery not understanding LOTR. Hi, Peter Jackshon? Yuh, I don't get it. Where are the women with shmutty shounding namesh? Where are the car chashes and gadgetsh? When I'm killing Orcshs I should be making glib remarkshs and drinking Martinis'sh. Here'sh an idea: when Frodo dropshs the ring into Mount Doom maybe I go back and have freaky shex with Arwen and Galadriel?


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Don't forget the story about Dougray Scott SECURING the role of Wolverine in X-Men only having to pull out because John Woo was faffing about on MI:2. Said film bombed and Huge Action went on to be a massive Hollywood star.

Dougray can be seen in an ITV drama near you soon. :D


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Anybody other than Matt Damon as Jason Bourne just seems all kinds of wrong - especially Brad Pitt.
Too right. Love the Bourne films and Damon was just perfect for them. Pitt just wouldn't have been the same.

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Sometimes they've actually started filming or are just about to begin when they realise they've got the wrong person to play the part. Eg. Eric Stoltz as Marty in Back to the Future and Stuart Townsend as Aragorn, Lord of the Rings.

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