Interesting & amusing post re HC.

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    I haven't started a thread here for ages, so I thought I'd post this amuning & informative quote from "over the pond".

    The post is from here .

    But below is the interesting bit.

    BTW, page 1 of the link above has pictures of this guys "telescopic mount" .

    Originally posted by J5W
    Do you have a room above the pj mount or is it going into loft ??


    Unfortunately I don't have a room above the PJ - single storey house

    So I have to get out the "loft ladder" & climb into the attic. It used to be very dark up there, but when the rats arrived I fitted some lighting so I could see the little buggers whilst tryjng to shoot them.

    I think I got most of 'em, but they must be breeding like rabbits in this hot spell we're having - I've heard some scratching up there recently

    I'm polishing the bore on my 'old "side-by-side" as I type.

    Would you know what's the gestation period for rats?

    It was about 6 weeks ago since I slaughtered them. They'd never have had babies in that time would they?

    Maybe it's a new batch come from in from the neighbour's place

    I never liked that crowd since they moved in. It's a pity the old retired couple left a few weeks back. They said something about too much loud noise in their house. "Like living next door to a bloody cinema" or something she was always muttering.

    I never did hear her very well, what with Terminator 2 & the like playing on me 2 800watt subs.

    I think they had subsidance problems anyway, what with all their floors cracking. Maybe some dry damp aswell - pictures falling off walls & strange vibrations.

    I told them it was probably the airport that was responsible (it being ONLY 15 miles from the house). I think she was deaf though, the old dear. She never seemed to hear me when I was talking too her - she muttered something like "turn it down, turn it down, are you deaf". I suggested she invest in a good hearing aid.

    They must have offended the kids aswell. I noticed the odd crack in their windows.

    The new neighbours are "the neighbours from hell" though. Talk about filth. I'll bet that's where the rats are coming from.

    It used to be a nice neighbourhood, but (unfortunately) when I moved in, loads of the neighbours seemed to move out unexpectedly. They must have caught wind of some new development I'm not aware of. House prices near me have now fallen dramatically. One benefit is I'm now nearly in a position to buy another house (the one on the other side of me - been boarded up for months - the estate agents can't sell it for love nor money). Business has been good lately since I got the new batch of "stuff". BTW, maybe I should post details in the classified section - this is genuine African Black, & I'm selling for only 15 dollars an ounce!!!!!

    I'll soon buy 2 more subs, & the final 300 watt power amp I need for my 10.1 surround system (only have 9x 300 watters at the mo - I know, not really into this HC lark yet!).

    Sorry, back to your question Bry.

    It's not too bad crawling into the attic every night. The itching from my asbestos insulation was a pain at first, but I'm getting used to it now, thank God.
    It's a whole lot better since I fitted a couple of Velux windows (I haven't gotten the glass yet - more like roof openings).

    Bry, where do you live? If you'd like I could come around & do something similiar for you (I can't come Friday though - I have to meet my probation officer that day).

    All in all, I'd thoroughly recommend my type of telescopic mounting (the attic thing is no probs - spend 12 years in a 6x6 cell & an attic's like being on holidays).

    BTW, do you know that guy over on AVForums who critized my light shade? Any idea where he lives? I'll show him how his looks - from the inside!!!!!!!!

    Some people have NO CONSIDERATION.

    Feel free to ask if you've more questions.

    Chat later (got to get herself out working - the punters won't wait for ever).


    What do you guys think. Is he nuts or what?
  2. JSW

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    That confirms it, you are that weirdo fireman who nearly burned to death :devil:

    BTW if you wanna know where I live take a look in your loft :p

    And im fed up of holding this damn pole !!!!!!
  3. penfold


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    :D :D Very funny! Except I'm the one who said I wasn't that keen on the lightshade! :eek: ROFLMAO.

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