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Interested in opions on Cherry Maraschinos


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I like the sound of my current power amp (AudioLab 8200P). Resolution, drive and dynamics are good. On the right recording I get some wonderful taut bass, though occasionally, and only on some recordings, I can find the mid to high frequencies a little harsh. However one thing I am not happy about. There is an audible hum from the toroidal transformer (at least I assume that is what it is) when it is first switched on or if it is switched on and nothing is playing (no signal). When it is playing you don't notice this. One solution is to ensure that it is always switched off when not playing but that is not always practical - eg if someone phones and you hit the mute button.

I have been casting around for a possible alternative, specifically one that will be quiet when it is not working or there is no signal and provides the same or better SQ as my current amp and will not require me to remortgage my house! This class D switching amp (pair monos) looks like a strong contender

Cherry Amp ---- World's Best Sounding Amplifiers!

The marketing blurb specifically mentions "no hum" and the fact that it is very quiet when not in use. Separate power supplies can't be a bad thing? Specifications are good (as far as I can tell!) and reviews are also good, bordering on hyperbolic! As far as I am aware they only sell direct and there is no local dealer/distributor (I live SW London). So at the moment demo-ing seems unlikely.

Was wondering if anyone else on here has them or has tried them and could comment on how they perform - both sound wise and quiet wise? Or even better if anyone knows if it is possible to demo these in the UK?

I would be using an AudioLab 8200CDQ as the source and they would be driving a pair of DALI Rubicon 2's (4 ohm). TIA


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So at the moment 86 views and no replies. Guess that means no one in the UK (or on this forum at any rate) has a clue about these. I have contacted DAC and apparently their later models are compatible with UK 240V power supply. Shipping from the states will cost and if I don't like them, not so easy to return. I have found a 2nd hand pair advertised in London. Apparently unused but that makes me wonder why and why is the current owner shifting them so quickly? Also DAC only warranty them if you buy direct. Think that I will do a bit more research to see if any of the more "normal" UK marketed products get anywhere near the specs of these at the same price. My hunch is they don't but will look again and report back.


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Well not extensive research but from what I can tell it is not easy to get an amp from a UK dealer with comparable specs to the Maraschino's (in terms in WPC, SNR and THD) for a similar price. Also it would seem that DAC finance their new products through kickstarter projects and if you support them in that way they offer deals on their established products as a reward for backing their new products. I have backed their new DAC DAC product ...

DAC DAC ---- Ultra High Performance D/A Converter

I am interested to see how it compares to my existing AudioLab 8200CDQ.

As a "reward" for backing the DAC DAC I have been offered a pair of Maraschino at a reduced price. Hmmm.


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I have committed to Digital Amplifier Company and backed the DAC DAC project to the tune of $2150 (£1457.90). In return for that I will be getting the DAC DAC for $600. When the product goes into production the list price will be $1290. So theoretical saving of $690.

In addition as a reward for supporting the DAC DAC project I have been offered a pair of Desk Top Maraschinos at a significantly reduced price. There are a number of possible configurations available but I have chosen the 60V version which would normally retail at $2500.

Cherry Amp ---- World's Best Sounding Amplifiers!

I have been offered this for $1550. So theoretical saving of $950. Total saving $1640 (£1111).
Will review the amps and DAC on this thread when they arrive. Very excited at this significant upgrade (for me!).

I have also just posted a separate thread to make people aware of the kickstarter project and the discounts available on it.

Bargain - Savings on Digital Amplifier Company DAC and Amplifiers to be had.
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