Interconnects - worth the money?

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I use 3.5mm to L/R phono lead to connect my pc to my amp that I found knocking around the bottom of a cupboard and probably cam bundled free with something. I read the What Hifi 5 star review for the Chord Company iChord cable so I bought it for £45 and it arrived today. I connected both cables from my pc to my amp so that I could switch between the two just by turning the input selector on the amp and put on some music encoded in ALAC lossless. Switchting between the two cables I couldn't hear the slightest difference at all, nothing. Replacing my Cambridge A5 amp with a Kenwood KA 3020 off ebay cost the same amount of money and was a real upgrade. I feel like I've been robbed here.

So what's the deal?
a) It's not worth spending money on interconnects.
b) It's only worth spending money on interconnects if you have a high-end system.
c) The type of cable is what matters. 3.5mm jack to 2x phonos will always be inferior.
d) What Hifi reviews don't mean anything

or other?


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Please search the interconnects forum on this topic.

The results will cover many threads and all types of views.

Please don't open another thread on this.

Thank you.
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