Interconnector help needed.



I am trying to get the best possible sound from my Marantz CD63 ki sig, i have a Cambridge Azur 540R, Linn Helix II (speakers), BK XLS200 DF, QED silver Anniversary XT.

I have connected the Marantz to the Cambridge via the Cambridge audio Atlantic(£10), Pacific(£30) and the Azur - High Resolution Silver Plated Double Screened Interconnect(£50),
I have found that “Azur - High” has great vocals and treble but lacks excitement/enjoyment, the “Pacific” on the other hand has the excitement and keeps you griped to the music but disappoints on the treble and vocal side,

I am seeking an open spacious sound with detail and excitement, I am sure that my speakers can handle the sound that I want as they almost do with the Azur High Ref’s, I am open to any suggestions up to £150.

After reading through what hifi mag's I have 2 candidates, the “Cyrus interconnect” and the “Brilliance Synergy” I was hoping for some feed back on these 2 cables, or would optical be the way to go ?.


deaf cat

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Maybe try:
Stereovox, Vespa
Nordost, Blue Heaven
QED, Silver Spiral
Virtual Dynamics, Testament

One of the above may fit the bill :)


thanks Deaf Cat,

Have you lisened to the cyrus or Brilliance Synergy ? or know of any one who has, any kind of feed back on these interconect's, as i have read the the cyrus has fantastis openess and spacious sound. :D, can anyone confirm that ?.

Also is there any diffrence in sound quality between optical and analog leads ?

deaf cat

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Nop not heard either of them, from what I have heard though, the list above may come close to what your after.

Personal choice, ears, equipment, room dependent, the optical analogue thing:smashin:


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i use a van den Hul D-102 III Hybrid PhonoInterconnect which cost about £90 6 years ago.
it sounds brilliant from my ksig & i recommend it thoroughly.

hope this helps


I also use the van den Hul D102III cable to connect my Quad 909 power amp and the Benchmark DAC1 and find it to be a very good product. It brings a lot of details upfront with clarity across the low to high frequency spectrum. I compared it with the van den Hul Bay C5 cable (at half the price) and the difference between the two cables became obvious within 30 seconds. The difference between the D102 III and a $5 RCA cable was noticeable within 10 seconds. I use Dynaudio Audience 42 speakers.

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