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This is what psychiatrists call a cry for help. I've just bought a pair of Chord Chorus audio interconnects from Ebay to go from my Meridian 507 CD player to my Pioneer 2011 playing on B&W 704 speakers. The problem is, the sound is terrible. It's very thin, and some instruments have gone missing altogether. I've done a proper test with several pieces of music, comparing it with an on loan QED Silver Spiral (nearly a third of the price new) and all those missing instruments come back. I'm not very good at isolating what I'm hearing, but it seems to me the top end is there and the bass is very dominant, but there's nothing in the middle.

Now I know it's not just my tastes, as I had a demo last week using the Chord Chorus with the same CD player and speakers, and it sounded great. And I realise that the Chord Chorus is in theory a class above the rest, but I was attempting to future proof. It can't sound bad just because my 2011 isn't a specialist stereo amp, can it?

Or are there some wires not connecting properly? Can it be repaired? I dunno, you think you're safe buying a 6 months old second hand phono lead!

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Nice speaker set up :) - you need a new amp; never mind what the Chord Chorus is doing to your system!

Just as some cables work well in a system others don't - though some folk will tell you cables make no difference whatsoever.

I'd possibly try the Chord cables out head to head with another set - just in case they do have a problem.

Good as the Pioneer VSX-D2011 AV Receiver is I'm pretty sure you didn't dem that B&W line up using a receiver!!!

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PS I trust you have now have a sub cable :blush:


As it turns out, Joe, I misdiagnosed. The metal plates on my right speaker had come loose, so not all the sound was coming through. As this exactly coincided with me putting in my Chord Chorus, I thought that was the problem. All resolved now and all sounding fine and dandy.

No I didn't test the B&W speakers with an AV Amp! However, I have to admit the setup sounds pretty good with my 2011, and I will have to be satisfied for now. I have demo-ed a few stereo amps recently in the £1000-£1500 range without anything bowling me over. I'm considering a 2nd hand Meridian 502 pre-amp/558 power amp combo in the long-term - or perhaps going down the Naim route - but can't justify the cost at the moment.

And no I haven't got a sub cable for my Pioneer 868 yet. I'm still waiting!!

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