Intense Floor Vibration from Bass - Need Solution Fast


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:lease: Desperate for some help here.

Hello everyone...please allow me me explain my situation.

Problem: 2nd floor nightclub sub-woofer bass creating 3rd fl Floor and Window vibration...mostly inside bar area and some outdoor terrace. The vibration in the Bar area is much more intense than the outdoor terrace.

Building Structure: Concrete building

3rd Floor Size in Meters: Bar 6m x 14m x 2.4m; Terrace 10m x 14m x no roof.

3rd Floor Size in Feet: 19.7' x 45.9' x8' ; Terrace 32.8' x 45.9' x no roof.

3rd Floor Bar Flooring: Concrete slab with parquet (wood) flooring.

3rd Floor Bar Floor Stats: Concrete 20cm or 7.8"

3rd Floor Terrace Flooring: Concrete slab with cemented rock shavings and pebbles.

2nd Floor Explanation:
Club below has 5 sub-woofers which sit on a 1/2" rubber "bar floor" mat. 4 of the sub-woofers are 2" away from the structure columns.

The club measures about 14m x 20m x 2.4m. There isn't any special attention to soundproofing. The only thing the club owner will agree to is raising his sub-woofers off the ground. No renovations will be possible.

Decibels in 2nd floor Club: 110-120db

Decibels in 3rd floor Bar: 65

3rd Floor Explanation: There is a noticeable difference in floor vibration from the terrace to the inside of the bar. The bar, which used wood flooring over concrete, is much more intense.

The actual bar where drinks are will be served vibrates too. You can even feel the vibration sitting down on a plushly padded sofa. Needless to say, the vibration while standing is more than noticeable and is very uncomfortable.

Any kind of renovations can be done on the 3rd floor, however we are on a very tight budget and this is an extraordinary expense. The building owner will not fix it. Since this is a lease, it will be have to be a cost effective solution.

I have read numerous forums but I'm still confused and finding myself trying to learn too much about soundproofing while I should be concentrating on starting up my bar.

I've seen tons of products but don't know which is best for this and there is a limited amount of items that I can get here in Indonesia.

I do appreciate any help here and whoever helps me solve this will have free drinks at my bar :clap: whenever you're in Jakarta. And of course you will be a hero.

I've created a rough draft of the 2 floors in excel for download. I don't have the exact specs so I'm going off of memory...and my memory is still good as far as I can remember...The excel sheet explains more in detail than the images I've provided.


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you need a local acoustician to look at it, the problem is obvious but the solution isnt so when there is no budget!

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