Intel HD graphics compared to 8400GS


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well I have an on-board intel hd graphics and I can actually play most games on it provided they are on low settings like starcraft 2, dead space and lost planet 2. i have an option for an 8400GS card with 1gb memory, now I would like to know if 8400GS could enable me to play those games at the mid or max settings or would it be better to stick with the intel hd grahpics card?


Which onboard graphics do you currently have? There are 3 variations of Intel HD, none of which are particularly powerful, but they are all approximately as good as the 8400G according to THG - Graphics Card Hierarchy Chart : Best Graphics Cards For The Money: November 2010

What's the spec of the rest of your PC, and how much do you have to spend on an upgrade?

THG recommend going at least 3 tiers higher to see a noticeable improvement, so I'd probably look for at least a Radeon HD4670/Nvidia GT240 if the rest of your system is up to scratch.


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The 8400GS is quite old technology now. You can buy a new card for £20!

I'd stick with the Intel HD you have.


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well i do have an intel i3 530 clocked at 2.93 gHz, I don't really know what intel gpu that i have here, but i do know that its an intel HD graphics card for the i3 processor. would it actually make a difference if I got 8400gs? cause' if not I'll stick to my onboard one. by the way thanks for the replies.

here are the rest of my specs:

intel i3 530 2.93gHz
intel Hd graphics 763mb internal memory
2GB DDR3 ram
windows 7 ultimate
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An 8400GS will make absolutely no difference at all to your system, your current onboard GPU is just a powerful.

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