Intel G41 - HDMI - KDL40W4500?


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I have a slightly weird resolution problem with the above components.

Trying to connect a G41 motherboard up to my kdl40w4500 via hdmi and all seems good. However, when I select 1920x1080 (recommended by windows) the image displayed on the screen is larger than the screen (as if it is really 1960x1100 or something similar).

If I reduce the resolution to 1650 it displays, but it is windowed and doesnt fill the screen.

I am going to try my hd4850 tonight, but in the meantime, has any one else experienced something similar?


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I'm not sure that it applies to this particular model, but I know some current sonys overscan by 5%, so it's not possible to get 1:1 pixel mapping. If you read the review of the s5500 that was posted today it explains this in more detail.

Taken from the review:
And one slight negative to the Sony's images is the fact we cannot switch off the 5% picture overscan. This means that when watching Blu-ray material (or Sky HD) we do not get the full image and especially on test patterns we lose some fine detail in the high frequencies. Although on real world material is hard to see this lack of high frequencies the fact the picture is slightly cropped can get annoying.
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