Intel Arc GPU - will it target were AMD/Nvidia wont ?

I was wondering about the upcoming Intel Arc GPU range coming out next year and looking at the current range of Products/Prices (RRP not what we are actually paying prices) and it occurs to me that as Intel have zero market presence in the GPU space currently they really need to be better or cheaper than AMD and Nvidia to grab some sales. The chances of them being better out the gate are slim against the maturity of DLSS, raytracing etc that Nvidia is currently rocking.

So do we think they will go the other way and mostly target the £200-£400 1080p market segment where ray tracing/DLSS is not really a factor - I mean its where a lot of people game and its a good place to establish your product if the competition is focusing on £450-£1400 GPU's.

Intel the new Budget GPU kings of 2022 ?

NOTE - of course if availability is still so low in 2022, they likely could sell a anything but moving on from this situation as 2022 goes by is more my thinking when they actually have to compete.
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Thread here already with some updates. Initial reports suggest the ray tracing offering is better than AMD
Problem is if its better than AMD but not as good as Nvidia it has to be considerably cheaper or its a non starter otherwise you buy Nvidia if Ray Tracing is something you care about.

Its very interesting - they must either think there is room for another player same as the other incumbent ones or think there is some area they can corner I would think - maybe they will go toe to toe.

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