Intel $1500 lycos 50ins screen on demo

Just read this at pcpro...

Yesterday, in a pre-IDF press briefing, Intel's Steve Reed was dwarfed on stage when he demonstrated a 65in prototype LCOS screen. Streaming via Microsoft's nascent WMV/HD file format, the demonstration videos rivalled film for definition and colour reproduction, completely outstripping anything available on DVD and raising the spectre of yet another new video format to match LCOS's capabilities.
never seen intel selling something cheap if they think people will pay more for it.

they could undercut the plasmas/lcds by just a bit (assuming equal picture quality) to gain market share but it will take them ages to come to the volumes the current plasma/lcd market (at the price they announced you are looking at >50% market share). And you are talking completely new market for Intel here, so distribution, marketing, support will need to be built up from the scratch unless they sell it under someone else's name (which probably means higher price).
intel sell the chips to hardware manufactures, and quite a few have sighed up.

What intel has done is simplyfi the chip so it can be mass produced as cheap as poss. Intel are already in full production
while some maufactures already have samples for design purposes.(if not yet already complete)

so there lead time for product is about right. Intel are said to be selling the chip at a very very competitive price
gandley, you are not by any chance Craig Barrett's nephew with info like that.

if what you say is true, we (the consumers) are only better off.

is there any information regarding other characteristics of the displays. contrast, brightness, colour reproduction, response times?
i may be wrong but i dont think lycos has response times.
as its basicly a projection unit
Lack of contrast is the main issue. Plasmas are best for daytime viewing in a living room. With LCOS you are back to a dedicated home cinema room. Seperate markets for each.
Not quite true as they can sacrafice a little contrast for extra brightness, depends on the level of contrast they intend to hit.

i can watch a football match perfectly well with my projector with a fair amount of light in room. So all may be needed is a tug on the curtains

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