Integration of 3rd party panel into B&O solution


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Oct 3, 2005
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I run a custom install business and have a customer who wants an LCD at the end of their bed. They have a B&O installation already with an Avant TV and Beosound 6000 downstairs and a CRT (not sure which model) in the bedroom. Sky is also installed. So... they can access the DVD, CD, Sky etc from the bedroom tv thanks to the nice B&O integration but they are willing to throw that all away as they want an LCD at the end of the bed and do not want to pay the price for a B&O flat screen.

I have no real knowledge of the B&O system config and have two questions:

Firstly it looks like the Sky distribution is over RF obviously with the B&O kit replacing a "magic eye" for IR repeating. On that basis I am assuming that if I put a magic eye in the bedroom and plug the RF feed in the bedroom into the new panel then the Sky box will still be able to be controlled. This is bearing in mind that the RF from the Sky box will still go into the Avant TV, with it's RF loop out being the one that goes to the rest of the house. Is this assumption correct or is Sky distribution and control dependant on more than the RF?

Secondly, is there a box available that would allow integration to the rest of the B&O kit (DVD and CD) that could be connected to the new non B&O screen?

Does anyone have any ideas? IMHO the customer should stick with B&O and keep it simple as well as consistent but they don't want to so I have to come up with a heath robinson alternative :)

Many thanks in advance for your help!


hi jez

yes their is a third party solution

bang olufsen are a pretty secretive lot and would much prefer you didnt :D

i currently have panny plasma,arcam dvd, lumagen scaler, denon receiver, passive non b+o speakers all been controlled in one room with my bang olufsen remote :thumbsup:

i will next add an x10 light module to this room with b+o control

the only bit of b+o kit in that room is their ir eye

to do this and lots more drop me a pm

i presume you mean beosound 9000, the 6 disc cd player?

are they all linked together via masterlink?
I don't really understand the problem you're describing, but there are several ways to control either control B&O from non B&O type remotes, or use a B&O remote to control other stuff. Lintronic do some stuff, Xantech do some B&O ir down-convertors, and DeToma do a little box that can be programmed to transfer B&O codes to other codes.

Sky sends DC voltages down the RF for the channel controls, so you just need a through RF feed (assuming there's no isolation on the RF inputs/outputs).

Newbie as far as AV concerned wanting to add surround to my B&O audio set-up - which is - BeoLab Penta's (front) BeoLab 6000 (rears) BeoLab2 (sub) Centre (probably DeToma C4400). To hook all this together have just purchased a DeToma X501 Dolby Digital decoder that takes B&O 'Powerlink' speaker inputs for 5.1. My proposed next step is to buy a HD-DVD player such as Toshiba HD-XA1 which seems to be compatible with all current DVD formats. I also want to buy a HD-DLP projector rather than a flat screen. My question is although the DeToma decoder is for Dolby Digital will I be able to play any of the other formats using the Toshiba?

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