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Integrated tuner + twin tuner recorder over hdmi = watch 1, record 2, use tv's epg?




i need some clarification as to whether and how this can be done, please.

i have a sony kw3000 series tv. it has an integrated freeview tuner as well as hdmi connections. i would like to purchase a twin tuner freeview recorder and use it to this effect:

- watch tv directly using the integrated tuner (as currently)
- continue to use the integrated epg (ie not the recorder's epg), and use the 'record' programming of the tv's epg to enable the simultaneous recording of 2 different streams on the recorder while watching a different third stream on tv

is the sony epg recording functionality able to perform in above way? from the software side, can it handle initiating recording of 2 overlapping streams; from the hardware side, is a smartlink equipped (ie sony) pvr better in this role, or is the best, as is most cases, just regular hdmi?

not the end of the world if above isn't possible, but to just to clarify the 'advantages' i saw if it were possible:
- for different streams: ability to watch 1 + record 2, rather than watch 1 + record 1 or record 2 but watch one of the ones being recorded
- using the tv's epg for 2 reasons:
1) i quiet like it unlike most epgs i've seen, particularly on external tuners so i do not want a poor/ugly epg interface of the recorder affecting my decision on it
2) to a lesser extent, keep it all on the main tv remote and ignore the pvr remote altogether

thanks in advance for your opinions


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[I wrote a huge answer and the Forum crashed...]

In a nutshell, you can watch what it on the TV's Freeview tuner while the PVR does what it does, but, otherwise no you cannot do what you want. I doubt your TV will do what you want to do; PVRs record from their on-board tuners only, not from their connections; and you need to interact with the PVR so that it records.

Try the Topfield PVR for GUI issues; it is very customisable, with free UIs easily available and easily uploaded and, if technically minded, you can write your own, unique UI. If your TV has an RGB Scart in so much the better, as the older (but still current) TF5800 version is better and better value than the newer, HDMI-enabled TF5810.
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Answer is almost certainly a big fat no.

First, controlling other devices via HDMI is still very much at the early stages, and more like voodoo than any real standard.

Secondly, I can't think of a single twin tuner PVR that has a mechanism to receive timer commands - which is essentially what you want - via HDMI or SCART. They start recording when their own inbuilt timer tells them to, or when you press the record button.



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There are only a few makers of true PVRs, and Sony isn't one of them. Those makers aren't interested in adding features that will only be available to users of one make of TV (eg. Sony) - as each make (and possibly each series) of TV will have different ways of working.
Currently the only way of operating a PVR is to select the AV input (HDMI or Scart) to which it is connected and using its own remote control (or a universal type, but not the TV's own) to select items from the PVR's EPG to record.
However, there may be some PVRs whose interface style and EPG are more familiar - similar to the TV - than others, as even the Freeview interface of many TVs is designed by the same people as those in PVRs.


thanks for the informative replies. the answer is a resounding 'no'. coupled with my other recent thread (ie current tuners won't be good for hd streams) i'll look into a cheap solution for now (hdmi not necessary, etc.).

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