Integrated surround sound help - which system?


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I'm a bit confused and not sure what way to go..... I want surround sound at home, currently replacing my 2x front floor mount speakers with a 5 speaker and sub system. I have up to £200 to spend. I would love an integrated system with built in amp for simplicity, but can only find things like that on Argos such as this:- (Is this any good?)

Now I have also found this on Richersounds, is this any good?

Lastly I may get a seperate Amp and Speakers and was looking at this combo....



I have a Sky box and Pamasonic DVD recorder to hook up to this kit as well as a Gamecube. I also have 4x floor stands to use but am not sure the speakers on the XBOX will fit, I know they use phono cables to connect the speakers so they won't go down the tubes in the stands....

Speaker stands:

I just want to make the right decision, it's doing my head in searching the web for hours on end and getting me into trouble with the wife!

Hope you can give some good advice.
Thanks in advance....


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Maybe thinking of these two now, which one is best. I think the Sony?

Sony HTSS1000 or the Panasonic SCHT15

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