Integrated Stereo Amplifiers with DACs?


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I bought my first Surround Receiver partially for digital inputs.

With aren't there much Integrated Stereo Amplifiers with DACs?:thumbsdow

I'm thinking of upgrading, keep DVD player, need 3 or 4 digital inputs, and not much in the market if I stick to Stereo, new and on a bugdet...:mad:

The ones I found:

Advance Acoustics MAP305DA (Maybe my future amp)

Music Hall Mambo/Maven:

Lyngdorf Millenium/TDA220 (€€€€...):

Shanling SLM-A40MKII

Bryston B60/B100 + DAC option

Only this on the whole internet? :eek: :rolleyes:



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to be honest i think having DACS in a stereo amp is broaching the purity side of things....

a surround amp needs them for the obvious reasons that most people only want a one box AV product....

but a stereo amp, to my mind, if you have to go integrated should be a dual mono design, no tone controls or balance......just input switching and volume, perhaps a built in phono i guess for sake of ease....

but the DACs should be left elsewhere.....DACs can use a surprising amount of juice if they are powerful enough so taking that from the PSU would cause fluctuations (far as i know) that would degrade the amplifying ability....

obviously the simple answer is to buy a offboard DAC if you want to plug multiple digi connections in to it.....plenty of options gets what you pay for obviously...heh

i think generally you will only find DACs in the amp when a drive is present as Linn Classik etc.....some of these might have optical/coax inputs as well....(dont know for sure if the Classik does, i just used that as an example of DACs being onboard)


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I cannot agree...

Lots of people buying outboard DACs for DVD Players as transport, Audio streming, setup boxes... it's a product missing specially with many people going back to stereo...:cool:


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