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Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by Saralikesjazz, Feb 26, 2005.

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    This didn't get any replies in the integrated amp forum, so I'm trying again here: What I've got - nothing very special - an oldish Panasonic TV, a Philips freeview box, an oldish Panasonic videorecorder - connected to a Kenwood HD 600 stereo integrated amplifier with A, B A+B speaker switching options (important) and 4 (good new KEF - 2x Eggs, 2xQ1) speakers, the stereo set-up includes audiocassette player and CD player and FM tuner (only used since Freeview - for BBC London). Listen to a lot of jazz cds, alot of Radio 3 and watch a fair bit of TV and a few DVDs (mostly music so far).

    What I want is to replace the whole lot with as integrated a set-up as possible - with at least one less handset than now... (4 at present)

    - to include a HDD DVD recorder, an LCD 30-32" max., an amplifier with speaker switching options, a freeview integrated with either the DVDR or the TV, probably not a sub woofer as I live in a flat and don't want to be anti-social and as few handsets as possible, as simple to use (and instruct others to use) as possible...

    Any suggestions? I'm prepared to spend some money on this - but not more than 2 grand, so I guess that rules out a Plasma from the equation? I'd really like the DVD recorder to include the freeview receiver - does anyone do that?

    Advice very much appreciated.


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