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Jul 16, 2002
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I'm keen to get a 42" inch screen but can't afford a plasma so I've been looking a rear projection units. I've always been put off because of the large base units that the screen sits on. I saw a sony rp the other day which was just the screen on a small stand and it looked quite neat. Does anyone know if most rp screens can be 'dismounted' from the large cabinet stands that they come with or is it only on a few select models ? I've noticed that many have the controls built in the cabinet stands.
The reason most RP TVs have stands, is because the projection unit sits at the bottom and projects up on to a refelector and back on to the screen - and that needs a certain amount of space to do that.

Also they are best viewed from a seated position and the stand ensures the TV is at the right height for optimum viewing.

My Samsung 42" has a separate area underneath for a VCR/DVD. but that's unusual - you'll see it in Curries and it's very good.

Sorry, haven't yet seen the Sony model you mention - check out the Sony web site for more details.

RP sets need a very good video feed however - preferably digital.

Analogue transmissions can look a bit ropey!
That makes sense. I knew the image was projected from a mirror but I didn't realise it was from the base of the unit.

I've just looked at the Sony web site and I think the screen that I saw in the showroom must have been the LCD rear projection. I presume that these do not have the same image quality of a CRT RP, but the advantage is that they are smaller.

cheers for the reply.
jim.rae is right. The 'stand' on an RPTV isn't a stand - it's part of the set, containing the 3 x CRTs that generate the image.

It may be that both jim.rae's 42 in Samsung, and the Sony you saw, are LCD rear projectors. Samsung do sell a 42 inch one, and Sony do sell a 50 inch one. LCD 'works' are much much more compact than the more usual CRT 'works' and this may account for the much reduced 'stand' size on these two sets.
The Samsung 42" is a CRT rear projection unit - you can see the three separate tubes operating if you look through the vents at the back of the set.

They just seem to have managed to squeeze everything into a smaller space.

I must say I have been very impressed with Samsung stuff in the past couple of years.

The set however detaches from the base unit which houses a VCR or DVD if you want to do that, bit it is still a 'console' model with the projection and speakers systems below the screen.

Still gives a great picture from component DVD though...
The 42" Samsung is a CRT TV. They do however sell a 43" LCD set that does detatch from the stand. Picture quality is not that great though as the LCD cell stucture seems very visable though. Picture on the 42"crt is a bit better from what I have seen.

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