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Integrated graphics


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Is it possible to upgrade intel hd graphics 2000 Wich is integrated with a 1.3 terabyte ram on a desktop. I can still run games like l4d2 on it so it's not a huge problem but would it be possible to upgrade it to something beterr


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You can install a separate graphics card if you have a PCI express x16 slot on your motherboard (you should have) and you will get much better performance
Any new motherboard will have a free 16x pci-e slot available, especially since you have a sandy bridge cpu you will no problem there. If it's possible, could you post some CPU-Z screenshots of your pc so we can further help you here. Also what sort of games will you be playing and at what resolution, that will be important in choosing a new GPU. Finally what sort of budget are we looking at when it comes to buying a new graphics card, that will be the overall deciding factor of what gpu you will get. :)


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i couldnt find ou how to post pics but here are all the details it says on the mainboard

manufacturer: Foxconn
model: 2ABF 1.10
chipset: intel sandy bridge rev. 09
southbridge: intel H61 rev. B3

Brand: AMI
Version: 7.11
date: 08/23/2011

Graphic interface

all of the boxes are blank

i hoped this info helped
Yeah that's fine, what sort of games are you going to be playing and what sort of budget do you have for your graphics card, finally have a look inside your computer to see what wattage your current psu has so we can determine whether or not you will need a new psu to support the graphics card.


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1. me and my famiy definately wouldnt know what to do about opening the com and everything like that.
2. my budget is probably around £100-£150 maybe more
3. i dont mind the resoulotion of the games i play


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but whats the power supply thing, do you need one for every graphics card. like i said im not a computer guy
but thanks anyway
The power supply will power the entire computer, There is one in every computer that will send power to every single component in your system, some are just more powerful than others, it's all ratted through the wattage they can output, the higher the better. Since you have a pre-built system i can safely assume that your current power supply would not be sufficient to power the graphics card as they are more often than not the most power hungry component in your pc, and therefor would require a decent power supply to power it.

Overall though with the two item i linked, you will be able to play games such as left for dead, portal, Call of Duty range, Assasins Creed, Dirt range all at Maximum Quality and at max resolution. You will also be able to play games such as the Battlefield range, Crysis 1/2 and Metro 2033 all at medium to high graphics settings. All in all i think you will be very happy with your purchase after seeing the massive performance increase you will get from it. Overall you should see around 8x the performance you currently have in games! :)

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