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Integrated freeview televisions...

Discussion in 'Freeview & YouView' started by mediahub, Dec 27, 2004.

  1. mediahub


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    This is my first post here. I came across the site whilst doing some research into what DVD recorder to buy. I think I may wait a few months as there seem to be some interesting developments in the pipeline for the near future.

    Anyway, the reason for my post. I've recently bought a nice new Samsung widescreen that has an integrated freeview box. When I eventually get round to purchasing a new recorder (first one, by the way) I'm concerned about 2 things. A) How best to connect everything together? and B) What happens if, for example, I wanted to tape a freeview channel but wanted to watch a terrestrial channel whilst it recorded?

    There is a button on the remote to switch between terrestrial (using the standard arial) and the digital tv channels. Would a DVD recorder know the difference and be able to carry on recording the digital channel whilst I watched terrestrial? Or would I have to hook up the arial straight into the recorder for instance?

    Just from a couple of hours browsing these forums the other night it seems to me that there are bewildering number of configurations tv's, recorders, set tops and the like can be connected together.

    I'm quite techno-savvy but for some reason this kind of stuff confuses me slightly!

    Thanks for your help....
  2. Starburst

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    Jul 13, 2000
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    Couldn't say how the Samsung handles switching from analogue and digital tuners but I would expect you could specify that the digital tuner output was fed via scart to the recorder while the TV displayed the analogue tuner.

    To be honest I would go down the root of buying a second DTT box which would be only used to feed the recorder, infact a DVD recorder with DTT tuner built in would be ideal.

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