Question Integrated Amplifier Recommendation under $1000-$1300 USD

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Hello, folks, I have a pair of floor-standing Paradigm Studio 100's that have been sitting in the basement unused, and I am looking for an integrated amplifier (or possibly just a power amp plus a separate DAC ) to put them to use. It is a medium size room in the house, for private music listening (rock, jazz, pop), the source is mostly flac files on my pc (and possible flac files from my smart phone, mixed with some mp3 and mpa's).

I don't listen at extremely loud volumes, nor do I have loud parties, but I am a former audiophile (I even built my own power amp from scratch decades ago), and I am looking for a very accurate, neutral sound with great detail, clarity and dynamics and a very low THD and IMD, so that I can hear every instrument, that the base is tight and accurate, trebles are crystal clear etc... , and that there is enough headroom so that a sudden loud hit of a snare drum is crisp and not distorted. I do not like to crank up the bass or the trebles and prefer a good quality sound with tone controls level or bypassed.

I would love to be able to hear and compare various options myself, but not sure if that is possible in this weird, "in-between" price range - most stores carry either consumer grade stuff, or $2500+ equipment (would love NYC recommendations for stores that have these on display).
I was looking at Cambridge Audio CXA81 or CXA61, but heard that it produces a somewhat bright sound. There is Audiolab 6000A, Rega, ARCAM HDA-SA10 and S20, and I am also open to used/pre-owned options, like Anthem MCA 20, McIntosh MC7100 etc...

What do you recommend when sound accuracy and detail at moderate volumes is the main concern
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Just came across your post. I’m currently looking at the same amps. Did you ever make a decision?

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