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Integrated amp (ie Pioneer 2011) contra separates at same price level

Discussion in 'Hi-Fi Stereo Systems & Separates' started by Calle, Aug 8, 2003.

  1. Calle


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    I'm about to design a little home cinema / music system, of course with a limited amount of dough. For some unknown reason I like Pioneer design/sound/handling, so my initial idea was the DV-656 together with the VSX-D2011 receiver, dunno the 'international' price for these things but I'd guess my price limit is around $2000.

    I'd really like to have as good and unaffected stereo sound as possible, surround sound is cool but there the hifi demands are much lower. A tuner is necessary, though. So how should I achieve this?

    I will have DACs all over the place, there is Bass Management (I have B&W CM2 as front speakers so I might be needing a subwoofer even for stereo?), digital and analog connections, coax contra optical, etc etc. I am now completely confused. :)

    I guess my simple-to-answer questions would be:

    1. Would stereo sound (ie playing CD's) benefit from upgrading my DVD to a 757 instead?

    2. Is there a better combination of processor/preamp/power amp that would sound better in stereo, still be useful in surround, easy to handle, and in the same price range (approx, I could settle for used stuff too but not too old - I'm not going to use the DD-EX formats right now but who knows, in the future perhaps)?

    I'd be most grateful for any clever suggestions. I guess my main concern is that with the above combo, I am actually paying for twice as many DACs that I really need - both the ones in the amp and the ones in the DVD.

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