Integra DTR 30.7 Review


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Integra receivers are the best kept secret when using as a preamp! I wanted a receiver that had a descent Maximum RCA Output Level and Impedance voltage rating and integral isn't afraid to show theres. 4.6v to be exact. Boy does it ever make a difference! Ive always used separate amps to drive my speakers whether it be by pre-pro or receiver. The 30.7 is by far the best experience I've had to date with any of my previous setups and Ive had many. It easily bested my Anthem MRX 300 and 510.. wasn't even close! Anthem had tons of issues, including hdmi hang ups, audio tears when switching between pcm and digital. Don't get me started on there gimmick ARC correction and weak bass output. The Integra also bested my recent Emotiva UMC-200. Nothing really bad to say in the sound department, the software boosted lots of glitches though...example being, it would automatically boost my rear surrounds for me lol. Its destroyed my Marantz 6009 which is now moved up stairs. The Marantz had a very low preamp output and weak centre channel processing. Ive also had Rotel, Marantz(older) and Pioneer pre HD audio formats so I can't compare those.
Lets talk about my Integra set up which is a 5.1.2 to be exact. Energy RC 50s, The real energy Vertias (made in Canada)for surrounds, Energy RVss for the front ceiling, and the Wharfdale Diamond 10.cm centre. Two homemade subs for the front. 12 and 10in. Sunfire cinema Grand 200x5:). Im using the Integra to only drive my ceiling speakers. I use my own SPL. I don't waste my time with room correction software. Gimmick:) yes it is:nono:. Don't get me started.
As a pre amp all the source play at perfect volumes, meaning I don't have to turn the volume up to near max to get any real sound output. Usually just half way. I thinks this is due in part by the voltage rating output. Even Netflix shows and movies play loud and precise without taxing the Integra volume. As a matter of fact this is the best sound receiver I've heard with Netflix!
On to the PROCESSING, such as Atmos, I was on the fence about it, but once you hear it, put the seatbelts on. It really envelopes you, despite the precise surround processing the integra also has a strong vocal presence through the centre speaker. Mad Max Fury Road in atmos was insane, nothing I've ever heard in the above mentioned receiver sounded this good. Im telling you this receiver processed the crap out of Mother! yes the movie Mother! The movie is insane, the sound was equally insane! Ive never witnessed surround like this in a home theatre. Wherever the sound was on the screen, it was on each speaker, discreetly. You'll be looking over your shoulder 50 times before the movie is done. By the way it was only in DTS format when I watched it. Ill have to watch it again in atmos when available. Stereo was effortless but that is due in part mostly by the Sunfire cinema grand which is known to be one of the best 5 channels amps for stereo. The Integra has excellent bass response, kept things very tight, more impact then boom, unlike the Marantz

The only con is the at its only a 7 channel discrete setup. You'll need to get a 9 channel or higher to enjoy atmos to the full effect.

Ill be keeping the Integra for a long time, its such a bargain too, and not much different then their new DRX line in terms of specs.
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