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So picked up a new 4K Blu-Ray player (Panasonic UB300) and went searching for a few test discs to see the true 4K high bitrate glory it provides...

Except they're nowhere to be found. Tried all supermarkets, found 1 copy of Wonder Woman for £25 in Tesco. Tried Argos but all home delivery and Wonder Woman was listed as £9.99 (OOS.. obviously) so I wasn't going back to Tesco.

PC World has a huge banner stating 4K UHD movies available here. They hadnt had any in stock before and none were coming in to stock in the near future.

Thats the stores I have available in town. This is Entertainment closed last month and we have no HMV, which I know does sell them.

On top of that, Amazon don't seem to have any real discounts on these 4K discs as yet, I am comparing them to the US prices and were being taken for mugs in this 4K game, in every way, from streaming to physical media.

So, I ask AVforums where they find these discs in the real world?

Luckily I paid £159.00 for the player less 20% discount, so under £130 at Harry Garlicks which I think was quite the bargain. Even at £159 it was £20 cheaper than everywhere else.

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My local Sainsbury’s has all the chart titles. HMV has loads. There’s even a few in CEX. Otherwise just shop online, probably be a better price to.


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The Trinity Sainsburys in Wakefield used to have the 4k discs (5) tucked away amongst the bluray cheapos such as Battle of the Bulge and Clint Eastwood films etc then they moved them next to the chart ones. Really they need to sell them cheaper. HMV is the only place you get a good selection.


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The RRP prices are insane and will kill the format before it gets chance to take hold.

Which would be a massive shame.

With some clever pricing and better marketting they could sell 4K bluray to people who dont even have a 4K bluray player, because of the triple format each 4K film comes on.

At £20-25 though, nobody is really interested. Make it around £12-15 though and suddenly its a lot more attractive.

You would think they'd learn from their past stupidity and greed....

On the plus side, I have copies of Deadpool, Deepwater Horizon, Logan and the Dark knight trilogy on their way to me and it cost me £70. Which I thinks a good deal, considering the 4k, BR and UV.
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