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Apr 30, 2002
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I am installing my copy of XP on my HCPC and a few probs have arisen.
1. Formatting the 20GB HD only ever gets to 9% - Does this mean it is buggered?

2. I only have a 1gig Duron - Is this a bit weak - if so what is the cheapest chip to buy?

I did a quick format which worked, but XP kept losing the system file, so it just kept rebooting itself!

I have a Radeon card, am i best loading up the CATALYST drivers?

Lastly, I have 256MB of RAM - I assume that this is ok just to run Dscaler and TheterTek.

Best wishes

Even if you could install XP with a 1 Gig Duron and only 256mb of ram it would literally crawl along and I be suprised if the calculator worked let alone Dscaler and Theatretek.

If the hard drive problem persist's imo you should just get a new HD. Prices for 40gig drives are extremely cheap these days.
so basically - more ram and maybe a 1.6 Athlon?

Yep, I'd say get another 256 meg of ram (allthough you might get away with just getting another 128 megs) , XP really needs about 512 megs to run smoothly especially when your running other programs.

An Athlon XP 1.6 should run it fine, you might need something a bit bigger if your using it as a HCPC but I'll leave this for someone else with more HCPC knowlage than myself to say for sure... just check that your Motherboard supports the bigger chip.

Hmmmm, sounds like the hard-drive is well on its way out!

Theatretek should be okay with a 950 but dscaler will really struggle. To get the most out of dscaler now you really need in the region of an xp2100 but that probbaly wont fit on your mobo. If your about to buy a better processor and more ram then I would suggest a new mobo too to benefit from ddr ram.

My recommendation based on price sensitivity would be

235mb ps2700 £27.73

40gb maxtor hardrive £35.19

xp2200 £48.43

abit nf7 mobo £49.93

Well under a couple of hundred pounds for virtually a new machine.:)
Many thanks all.
I sort of knew it but can't afford bugger all since the purchase of my AE500 :(
I guess I will have to bite the bullet and just buy the damn stuff.
I really wouldn't normally bother but I do believe that the HCPC gives a fab image :)



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