Installing Windows XP on a 2nd PC


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A friend needs to re-install XP but has lost the XP disks. I have a Dell Windows XP Home Edition disk which is for my Dad's PC.

Can anybody confirm if I install this version of XP on my friends PC will it:
a) effect my Dad's PC and the ability for him to receive M$ updates or de-activate his version of XP?
b) cause any issues on my friends PC and the ability of them to activate wwindows or would they have to "keep" reactivating windows?

Does my friends PC need to be a DELL PC, because the disk I have is a Dell branded XP disk? When installing from this disk I don't think it asks for a product key.


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It's the product key and the disk which are important.

If the friend has an OEM product key sticker on the side of the PC, that code might work with a Dell CD but it's unlikely.

By the way, typing M$ when referring to Microsoft stopped being funny a long time ago. :p

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