Installing Sky HD, would Sky do this for me?

The Dark Horse

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I currently have Sky+ but want to upgrade to Sky HD as I am buying a new 1080p LCD tv. The only problem I have is I want to relocate the new tv to the other end of my living room (about 20 foot away from its current location).

My question is will Sky extend the cabling for me (under floorboards) when they install Sky HD? We are in the process of decorating so only floorboards down at the moment. Or do they only hook it up to the TV for you?

Any help appreciated....thanks.


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They don't have to, put would suggest that if you do the prep, so all they need do is lay the cable, can't see why they won't. Might need to pass them a tenner though to sweeten them up, or do it yourself once they've gone.


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It does mean that they'll have to rerun new cable from the dish, which they might not otherwise have had to do. But if you've already lifted the relevant floorboards for them, I'm sure they'll do it.

martin purnell

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Hi. We had SkyHD installed a week before Christmas as part of an upgrade. The contract details suggests that they won't lay any cabling under carpets and in the case of phone line extensions, they will use the skirting boards. However, as I had already pulled up the carpet, the Engineer was more than willing to lay the phone cable where I wanted it. Offering him a cuppa as soon as he arrived certainly swings the balance in your favour!

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