Installing new ram in Qnap problem


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Hey all

I bought a single 8gb ram from a good supplier in the UK and have had 2 now and both do not work and had to revert back to the standard Qnap ADATA 2gb ram.

The model was: CT8G4SFS824A Crucial 2400mhz DDR4 260pin PC4-19200 ... -/RAM3639/

This says on Crucials own website that it works and have seen on here that others have it in their systems.

I tried it in both memory banks and both will not load the NAS, it will not beep to show its booted up.

I know most have went with the 4gb x 2, but I could only find the single 8gb at a good price at the time, but either way it still should work looking on QNAP specs and Crucial website.

I cant see 2 sticks DOA, has anyone else had issues with a single 8gb Ram stick ?

PS. I do not have anything to test the memory as they do not fit in my laptop, I already tried and they are too big.

Thanks all


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Which QNAP NAS are you trying to upgrade ? If it's the Qnap TS-259 PRO in your equipment line above, then you have completely the wrong RAM, I wouldn't have thought it would even fit!


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Sorry its a new TS-251D


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It seems the QNAP cannot have 1 8gb stick for some reason which I find strange, it seems you need to have 2 ram sticks installed.
I find its strange as QNAP have 1 2gb stick in it right now.
Maybe it will not accept a single 8gb stick.
I appreciate the link.
Its very expensive, so will look online for the same ram.
I would like a matching pair so I can use dual channel


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Yup, I think that should do it. The User Manual says "Maximum memory 8 GB RAM: 2 x 4 GB" so I don't think it will let you put in a single 8GB stick, looks like each slot has a 4GB limit


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Just bought this.
I know its not a well known brand, but its amazon and its a easy return if it does not work
I am sick of buying from people like CCL who do not reply to return requests. Its been 3 days now and they still have not accepted the return of my faulty 8gb ram, so its sitting in the package waiting for me to return.
All specs match and good reviews.
We will see.
OWC OWC2400DDR4S08P - 8.0GB (2x 4GB) 2400MHz DDR4 SO-DIMM PC4-19200 260 Pin CL17 Memory Upgrade - KIT


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Sometimes the reason you have to fit memory in pairs is because of the way the memory address space is "interleaved." There's a few ways to do it in the hardware (MOBO, caches, processors, etc.) but one simplistic model we can envisage for the purposes of illustration is that all "odd" numbered memory addresses are stored in stick "A" and the "even" numbered addresses are stored in stick "B." It's done this way to boost performance, viz: (in my exemplar) whilst I'm reading address 17 from stick A, (which takes some amount of time as the circuitry on the stick does it's thing,) I can kick off the read for address 18 from stick B instead of having for wait for the address 17 read to complete before starting the cycle to read address 18 if everything was n the same stick.

Real implementations often differ from my exemplar (not least because main memory is cached and read/write a "line" at a time rather than byte by byte,) but hopefully it gives you some idea of what might be happening.

The "cheap" dynamic RAM we tend to use for "main" memory are much slower that more expensive static RAM, so such interleaving is one way to increase the performance a bit. It also helps offset some of the memory cycles (performance) "lost" to refreshing when using dynamic RAM.
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Its strange though why there is some cheap adata 2gb ram single stick in there from qnap, but it would not accept a single 8gb stick from crucial.
Oh well, it seems either way the QNAP cannot accept a single stick of 8gb ram for whatever reason.
Lets hope this new ram from amazon fits as its constantly at 75% even though my 10 year old QNAP TS-259 had 1gb of Ram and was fine and never had a issue.
All I use it for is a plex server, and I am not even transcoding, I have a shield for that.


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Finally the cheap 2 set ram from amazon worked a treat. 2x4gb dual chan mem
So I guess you cannot install a single 8gb ram or they were faulty from CCL

Just need to return the ram to CCL which are terrible at returns.
I needed their permession to return the item, I could not just pop it in the post with a simple returns number online. I had to wait for them to get back to me which took 2 days. I needed the ram bad and if I waited for them I would have to wait a week and a half just for a turn around, unlike amazon where I can press one button and they agree the return and get it in the post on the same day.

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