Installing new drives - advice needed...


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Hi chaps

I have a new motherboard and processor which I am fitting, which for the first time comes with SATA interfaces and Raid 0 and 1 functionality.

As I am thinking of upgrading my current IDE drive (as it is almost full), I was thinking of installing SATA compatible drives - and then got thinking about installing 2 in a Raid 0 format (for performance).

So to the questions - How do I best go about this ? Should I install the new SATA drives alongside my current IDE drive and if so, can this data then be copied over (Idid this previously using Acronis Disk Migrate to another IDE drive). If the data can be copied over, is this copied to one drive or does the Raid function take care of this ? Do I install one of the SATA drives, copy the current drive contents over - and then install the second SATA drive and get Raid to do it's stuff ?

I'm very confused now - all I want to do is to increase the size of my hard drive - just reading the manual with the new mobo started giving me ideas...




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You install the two SATA drives and set them as a RAID 0 array in the RAID BIOS. From that point onwards, the system sees the RAID array as a single drive and everything is then pretty much as you are used to. You can then install Windows, programs and copy data as you would normally do.

It is quite simple really.


Setting up Raid 0, "stripping" is very fast! But beware, both drives are seen as one big drive instead of 2. So, if something goes wrong you'll lose data on both drives :thumbsdow

I lost over 350 gig of data like this. Now, I have 2 Sata II drives, and have them just set as spare storage, but are just as fast as Sata I drives in stripping mode.


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Thanks RedRooster and Buffalo

So, I now have my motherboard in place and all working OK using the existing IDE drive. If I install a Sata drive and copy the current contents over, can this be made as the boot drive ?

Although the BIOS has a number of start up devices to boot from, it only mentions 'HARD DRIVE' - would the Sata drive be recognised as this and do you still need to have the IDE drive present ?

Still, as you can see, a little confused by this...



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I think the easiest thing for you to do is as follows. I have assumed that you have an IDE connector on the new mainboard;

- install SATA drives ONLY and configure for RAID (0 for performance, 1 for fault tolerance)
- install Windows / OS onto the new RAID array (Bootable)
- when OS install complete, install IDE drive and your data will be available

Further suggetsion;
- move all your data from IDE to RAID array
- create automatic scheduled backup of ALL important data from RAID -> IDE using Cobian Backup (or similar) - I backup every day and only takes 30seconds or so to copy updated / changed files
- enjoy RAID 0 performance safe in the knowledge that all your important data resides both on the RAID array and on the IDE backup drive.

Hope this helps.


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