Question Installing conduit for HDMI/power for new projector install


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Hey guys.
Completely new to the area of projectors but have lusted after one for many years. I'm currently planning a new house build and would like to futureproof and install HDMI and power sockets in the ceiling to allow easy addition of a projector in the future. The architect needs to know exactly where these sockets should be placed. This is where I need your advice!

The living room is 3.5m x 5m. I have no idea about throw distances etc... The projector should go centrally but how far back? A metre from the back wall, is that enough?
What about HDMI? Do I need to worry about the length or type of cabling?
Finally is it ok to run HDMI and power in the same conduit or is that a bad idea??

Many thanks all.

surrey lad

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Personally I would run all the required (and spares) cables during the build ie 2no HDMI, 2no Cat6, 2no 3.5mm mini jacks and a 3-core flex allowing for plenty of slack at either end, make sure you can push back any slack once the install is carried out.. At the projector and equipment end install extra deep 2 gang back boxes with a brushed euro mod plate (you can get these in screwfix) and have these cables exiting at these points. Additionally run say a 40mm flexi conduit or 2 with draw wire to the same said back boxes, The conduit is for future proofing or in case one of your cables goes bad.

Regarding distance, I would use the pj distance calculator to work this out, when doing so i would maintain the zoom in the mid position to allow for some flexibility.

P.S I use Monoprice Redmere active cables, thin, flexible and durable.


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Whenever I want to run a new cable somewhere I pull through a "pull cord" - a piece of parachute cord. Every time I want to add a new cable (surprisingly often) - I tie the pull cord to the new cable and to a new pull cord, and pull them both through. You can tie both ends of the cord to the back of the faceplate or something else to stop it disappearing into the wall.

If you do ever end up pulling cable, invest in some cable lube... (yes, it exists!)
Standard Cable Pulling Lubricant
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surrey lad

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Thats what i was trying to explain, not all flexi conduit come with the draw wire/pull cord ready installed, makes it a lot easier with it in place.
We refurbish houses for a living and our sparks is always complaining how his lub always goes missing on site... really...its not the same stuff:D

Barcoing Mad

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Whenever I've buried cables, they've turned out to be too few, too short and in the wrong place.
I suggest a network of conduits with the diameter of sewer pipes.


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Many thanks for all the advice.
I have no idea of when I will finally get a projector, the house build isn't due to be finished until mid 2018! So I have provisioned the sockets in approx. 4.3m from the screen wall.


The problem is the door to the east is floor to ceiling and will only have 20 cms gap to the ceiling (2.5m) - I doubt that any projector can be mounted under that. I figured it best to put the sockets further back and then have a short run to the projector, rather than having them too far forward and looping around.
Also the sockets won't be mounted centrally as I didn't want to have think about where conduit might be when it comes to actually installing the projector.
Does any of that make sense :D

surrey lad

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With say a jvc at that sort of position where the rear is approx 4.1 -4.2m away from the screen and with the zoom totally maxed out you will achieve a screen width of about 2.6m.
To give you some tolerance you can always cut the door leaf down to say 2m and use the remainder as a header panel fixed in the door frame, you would then rebate the top edge of the door and bottom edge of the header panel the achieve a stop. With the door shut it will almost look like a continuous door panel with grain, if any, running through. Just an idea.

I would defo listen to one bit of advice and run some conduits or at least spare cables, seriously, I'm just about to carry out my atoms upgrade and guess what, i have no easy way of getting my speaker wires up to my ceiling speakers, what makes it worse is that the ceiling is soundproofed and stuffed with sound insulation!


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I hear what you're saying about running extra conduit and will see whether there is still time with the architect to add extra (I presume so). To be honest I will be happy with just a projector and a decent 2 channel set up / sound bar.

I'm aiming for a 100" screen, so ~2.2m wide. Maybe it is wiser to move the sockets closer in then, and aim for a 3.5m throw distance as I thought that projectors required much more distance. Last thing I want to do is install sockets and then have to run cabling quite a way to the actual install point.

Difficult to do all this stuff when things are so far off...


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