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I decided that I wanted a new drill / impact driver for installing and had my heart set on buying a new Dewalt 18v impact driver - impact drivers currently seem to be all the rage currently. I also wanted Dewalt as I have bought into their Eco-System with batteries and chargers and TStak cases.

I was literally going to pull the trigger on a DCF887N and was talking to my brother about it (who is also an installer) when he said, why do you want an impact driver? Maybe what you really want is a small 12v drill driver, at which point I kind of sniggered -12V LOL, why would I want 12v over 18v? Bigger is better right? Especially in the cordless power tool world.

Then last week I started to develop tennis / golf elbow in my right arm and using my 18v Drill, I really noticed the weight, so I started to look again and actually think about what I needed. I am not really driving 6" Lag Bolts into railway sleepers or driving security screws into masonry, I am mainly putting up cameras and sensors, often up a ladder and driving in some pretty small screws like 4mm x 30mm Posi's to hold up PIRs or 6mm x 40s for cameras.
My Dewalt DCD996 will drill 6mm holes into masonry all day long for drilling fixing plugs, so I dont need another hammer drill.

The more I thought about it 12v made sense more than 18v. I still wanted to stay with Dewalt and was looking at buying a Dewalt DCF601D2 (mainly because I am invested in TStak cases) and wasnt going to buy another brand. After watching some installer videos on Youtube (yes I am sad) I noticed that they all seem to favour the Bosch GSR 12v-15 with its little stick batteries in the handle and its interchangeable chuck and Hex Bit Holder. All the time my elbow is still in agony. To cut to the chase I bought one and this weekend I installed an Ajax alarm with 24 sensors! which was a lot of drilling out screw blanks and screwing up sensors. After 8 hours the battery was still showing 3/3 bars and my elbow was not feeling anywhere near as sore. The ability to quickly swap out a Hex Driver attachment for a chuck was a godsend, especially piloting 2mm holes into PVCu frames. This really is a very nice little compact (reasonably) lightweight drill / electric screwdriver.

I guess the purpose of the thread is to say, don't discount those 12v tools. If you are an installer or a keen DIYer these are a cracking bit of kit. They are small enough to fit in a large pocket, have a huge amount of torque if you need it but also have exceptionally fine speed control, for tweaking in those small screws. I use mine with a long 4" bit, which is great getting into those tight spaces.

Oh and I bought an empty TStak case and some foam pluck and transplanted my Bosch into a Black and Yellow Dewalt case.


I ended buying the kit with all of the attachments as it was a tenner extra.



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