Installed USB 3.0 card crashes when anything is plugged in.


Maybe, uninstall the existing card drivers, remove the card, reboot the PC and then close it down again, reinstall the card - and then, hopefully, the drivers will be automatically re-installed correctly and the card will work properly????.

Then again, it still may not :eek:


Oh dear! Several suggestions then come to mind:
  • Repeat the process as above - but manually end the automatic re-installation of the USB driver before it completes, and look to see if the card manufacturer has its own drivers on its own website - assuming that it has one! - and install that and see what happens?
  • &/or get a totally different USB 3 card from another manufacturer and see if that works properly - in which case it would be safe to assume that your existing one is faulty!


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Try using another OS to test the card, use balena etcher and Linux Mint ISO image to write to a USB flash drive, boot PC using USB flash drive and plug something into the USB card and see what happens.

You could also try another PCI-e slot for the USB card in case there is some unknown configuration issue or conflict with some other piece of hardware in the computer.


Just read the 1 & 2* reviews (that's where any real problems are generally highlighted, not the 4 & 5* reviews!) on Amazon - lot's of people have had various sorts of problems with these cards, and, even if they did work to begin with, they failed in various ways after a few days/weeks, sometimes actually damaging the PCs!

Therefore I think you've got a real "dud" and would send it back to Amazon for a refund without any further buggering around - and get a totally different one!!


Thanks all - will give Amazon a call in the morning.
"Good luck" with trying to do that because it will be far more time & trouble than it's worth (I know from "experience"!), so forget all about phoning them :eek:

Simply start the Returns process and make sure that, when asked to "Choose a response" and then "Why are you returning this?", you pick "Item defective or doesn't work" and then you will get a free-of-charge return .

Also, pick your physical return method carefully and then, if it suits you and with a bit of "luck", you can get it picked up from your house/flat by a Hermes courier instead of having to drop it off somewhere else!

After that, then go looking for another card - and read the reviews very carefully (as advised above) this time!

And something else I should have mentioned about reading the reviews: read those starting at the 1* ratings and then "upwards", and then, set the reviews list to show the most recent ones as that may indicate if any issues appear to be date/batch related because the newest items can often have got better or worse over time!
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Any recommendations?
I'm just looking for any card that supports 2 x USB 3.0 ports, I think via PCIE4 slot.
Take a look at the list - and the reviews - on the SCAN site (generally a fairly reputable supplier!)

Having to look there for my own reasons now: some months ago I upgraded a small ACER desktop for a friend by fitting a USB3 card with 2x internal USB 3 ports, one of which runs a 2.5" 1TB HDD with a USB3 interface attached, but the 1st card from ebay was effectively DoA, and the 2nd one from Amazon has always been a little unstable, but now that seems to have got a lot worse, so it looks like I'll need to fit another replacement!:(

I think the problem in my case is the power draw of the HDD, &/or possibly combined with poor PCi-e &/or internal USB connections - going to my friend's house tomorrow to take a closer look!


Does your card have a power connector, might be a floppy drive type connector ?
Yes - I had to make up a suitable molex-connector lead to connect to the 5V & 12V lines and I think that was pretty secure. OTOH, there's very little space inside that Acer desktop, and so the cables to the USB card may have become slightly dislodged over time by being pushed by/against something else!

Tip: My friend bought her PC well before I got to know her and her husband, but, had I known about it, I would have suggested buying a PC with a larger case with more "future-proofing" capabilities!


Update on Post #12: went over to my friend's house to check the PC out - and, of course, both it and the USB card behaved perfectly without being touched - so I stress-tested the card by copying about 50 Gb from the USB3-connected HDD to the SATA-connected SSD and then back again with absolutely no problems!

Then took the lid off the PC and checked the connections and all were perfectly OK

OTOH, got it wrong by saying I had fitted a molex-connnetor power lead to the USB card as all the power is coming through the PCiE connector on the m/b - and this PC has a very low o/p PSU (about 200W total IIRC).

So left it running and hope (not!) to hear of any more problems with the card - but am prepared to get another card if needs be.


I’m going to try disconnecting the dvd drive to see if it helps in case it’s low power for me.
I doubt that will make any difference because an idling DVD drive consumes very little current./
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strangely tim

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As others said just send it back, odds are its a faulty card if its showing in device manager and crashes when its put under load, your PC is shutting down to stop damage occurring.

I fettle mostly laptops but some PCs which we pass on to people who need one and to be honest I just buy off ebay. I had a similar issue with one card a couple of years ago and the seller didn't argue just sent out a new one.

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