Installed new mobo and windows won't boot


I have installed a ASUS Maximus iv extreme (I had a rampage 2 ex) and can only get to the BIOS screen. I have the OS (Win7) on an SSD and have enabled it as boot priority but it's not picking up windows.

Any ideas?


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Well they are different chipsets so yeah that would cause some problems, at minimum you likely would have had to remove your storage controller drivers from Windows device manager in safe mode before swapping the motherboard.

If you didn't do that then it's run the windows repair option via bootable DVD or swap the old board back in to try and remove drivers from the OS before the swap.

If you were running in IDE or ACHI mode on the old board double check that your running the same mode on the new one.
Thanks for that. I had an idea that a fresh install would be required. I have the vista disc and the w7 upgrade, should I try the original or the upgrade to boot from? Also an I ok using my Kingston v100 ssd in a SATA6 port or should I use the other sata ports?


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I'd just boot from the Win 7 DVD and choose the repair option.

I cant recall the details on Vista/W7 path, there are shortcuts out there if you Google them but officially install Vista then install W7 afterwords.

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